Have fun learning

HiveMemo is an innovative flash card app to help you learn and memorize things. It encourages you to break things down to bite size pieces, each inside a small hexagon cell, and to arrange those cells into any group that feels natural to you. Each cell has a review timer, powered by spaced repetition algorithm, to keep your memory intact.

HiveMemo features:

Play with hexagons

When tapped, the hexagonal cells can enlarge into a bigger hexagonal card, close to oreo cookies. The card has two sides, one is for prompts, also called the front side; the other is for answers, the back side. You can flip between two sides. The card is kept small intentionally so that every card only holds a limited amount of information. Easy to make, easy to memorize, and easy to reorganize.

When too cells move close in a right way, they snap automatically into a group. It makes memorization easier to group related things together in a spacial way. You can arrange the cells into any shape that feels good to you.

Spaced Repetition

Without review, you won't be aware of your learning progress. Too much review is tiresome. Space repetition is an efficient way to do reviews at a proper pace.

There are 6 levels of review interval.

The interval during two reviews is decided by your performance rating. You only advance to next level when you get a 5-star rating. If you get a 4-star or lower, you will stay at the same or shorter review interval.

After each review, you must give yourself a performance rating. The cell will change its color depending on the rating result. For example, If you get a 5-star rating when reviewed at one year interval, your memory is considered very strong, and the cell color will become darkest red to indicate that memory is ripe or strongest. You can know your memorization status by a glance of the minimap.

Be honest of your performance. If you can’t trust yourself, work with a friend to do pair-review.

Share memo

You can publish your memo to share with friends or the world. You can also find interesting memos to learn from on our public list.